The Taste of Sun and Resin

“During summer 2017 Riccardo Pietra ordered a surfboard to Laurent Plume d'Avion.
I was the link between them, i went to France with Riccardo's instructions, and came back to Portugal a few month later with his new handshaped board in my van.
I shot a dozen rolls during the whole process, from Laurent's shaping room in Brittany to Riccardo's first waves with his new longboard in Baleal.
Here is a little film that compiles 372 pictures, all shot on film, processed and scanned by myself.
The music is an unfinished demo of mine that i was keeping for a next EP.
The board is 9'6" x 22" 1/2 x 2" 3/4, shape and glass by Plume d'Avion, fin by Deflow.”

Miguel Constantino / ananasasana

Forme & Relief

Death to Shoes